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Over the last couple of years, we have become one of the favorite choices on the Internet for purchasing Antique Furniture Locks & Skeleton Keys. Because we have many styles and sizes of locks available, we can help anyone from the weekend woodworker working on a new project to the individual restoring that family heirloom cabinet. Do you have an antique with a lock that is missing its key? We have a wide variety of skeleton keys and frequently you will find one to fit your lock in our offerings. Our pricing on skeleton keys is some of the lowest you will find anywhere. We sell tens of thousands of skeleton keys a year, both in bulk and in multiple key sample key rings. We offer wholesale pricing to the public; once your order is over $133, before shipping and tax. At this price point you will automatically receive 25% off of eligible items. Unlike many of our competitors, we stock all of our products for prompt shipping, direct from our warehouse. Most orders go out the same, or next, business day.

Antique Furniture Locks

Renovate your dresser, wardrobe, or desk with our well-built cabinet and furniture locks. Available in mortise, flush mount and half mortise styles these locks come complete with skeleton keys for a quality vintage restoration. If you are building a jewelry box or steamer trunk, we have a lock to fit most designs and plans. Have an original lock that is frozen or broken? Why not replace it with one of our beautiful solid brass locks. Functioning locks on antiques will often times inrease the value of the furniture well beyond the cost of the locks. A locking dresser drawer or cabinet door is a big plus when you have young children and toddlers in the home.

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Antique Skeleton keys

How different life was back in the days when you commonly locked your furniture while leaving your home unlocked. Many different types of furniture used a variety of barrel bit keys. These are the hollow round shaft keys with the tab on the end to turn the lock throw. While there are some locks that used a more complex bit, a small number of the reproduction skeleton keys have been known to unlock a wide variety of older furniture. Today we sell skeleton keys by the thousands, not only to people in the antiques world but to promotional companies and advertisers. One of our more interesting sales was to a wonderful woman who used the keys for seating assignments at her daughter's wedding. They were even used as a prop by the photographer to produce a stunning photo of the couple's wedding rings.

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Bulk Skeleton Keys

We buy our skeleton keys in very large quantities and at huge savings which we then pass on to you. Our keys have been purchased by many different entities; individuals have bought our keys to use as parts for jewelry making or in wedding receptions and church groups have turned these lovely keys into book marks. Additionally, corporations such as advertising agencies, hotels, schools and banks have used these keys for sales promotions or other types of incentives. Our customers suprise us on a regular basis with the creative ways they find to tie our keys into their activities. We also offer large and small key ring sets as an economical way to find a matching key for an existing lock that is missing its key. These are also great for antique shops and refinishers.

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Original Locks & Keys

Sometimes there just is not a readily available reproduction replacement lock or key. For this purpose we pick up original locks and skeleton keys whenever we can to offer you the broadest selection available. Many times these are one of a kind items and do not last very long. Check back regularly as our inventory on original items is constantly changing.


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